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Thank you for your interest in showing at the Good Food Mercantile! You may use this form to register for any of the three Good Food Mercantiles of 2018: San Francisco (1/20), New York City (6/29) and the Traveling Mercantile in Portland (5/4).

We are delighted to enable food crafters interested in a strong presence to show at more than one Mercantile with savings of $200-$400 when you choose to attend two or three this year (details below).

If you are not yet a member of the Good Food Guild, you will be asked to join this unique organization of like minded crafters working sustainably and responsibly in order to be eligible to show at the Mercantiles (we will follow up with an email after you register and before you pay). Annual dues for the Guild, based on company size, range from $100-$400 and come with a panoply of membership perks including one free entry in the Good Food Awards ($70 value).

Please note that the registration deadline for the San Francisco Mercantile is December 15, 2017.

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For the first time, we are inviting past Good Food Award winners to have a table at the Good Food Awards Marketplace, sampling and selling your winning product(s) to an anticipated 2,000 visitors the day after the industry-only San Francisco Mercantile (and at the same location). For those who participate in the Mercantile, the booth fee is $95 (regularly $250). Would you like to have a table at the Good Food Awards Marketplace on January 21? *
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San Francisco Mercantile | Rental, Shipping & Other Info
The following questions pertains ONLY to the San Francisco Mercantile. If you have indicated that you would also or only like to show at one of the other Good Food Mercantiles of 2018, we will follow up in the new year to gather your rental and storage needs, and other pertinent information. Please note that the deadline for application to San Francisco Mercantile is December 15, 2017.

Date: Saturday, January 20, 2018
Time: 12:00PM - 5:00PM
Location: Fort Mason Center Festival Pavilion
Address: 2 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco

Please feel free to reach out to Marisa Repka at or 415.680.4127 with any questions.

Are you participating in the Winter Fancy Food Show? *
Will you be shipping your products in advance or bringing them with you? *
Will you need access to electricity at the Good Food Mercantile San Francisco? *
Due to the high costs of bringing in external power to Fort Mason Center, we have had to increase our electrical fee to $100 to help cover the costs (our true cost is about $200 per pull of up to 20 amps).
How many amps of electricity with you need? (Up to 20 amps is $100, up to 40 amps $200, etc) *
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What will you be powering? *
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Equipment & Rentals
While in the past we have asked crafters to bring all the equipment they will need to the Mercantile, we have received many requests to help in sourcing select rentals. With that in mind, we are happy to offer the following items at a small cost to Mercantile attendees.
Bags of Ice ( $10.00 per 20 lb bag) *
Please indicate how many 20 lb bags of ice you would like
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Coolers - 28.5" x 14.5" ($35 ea) *
Please indicate how many coolers you would like
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Champagne Bucket ($15 ea) *
Please indicate how many champagne buckets you would like
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Wine Glasses ($35 for each set of 36) *
Please indicate how many sets of 36 glasses you would like. Note that there will be no back tables at the Mercantile, so all glasses must fit underneath your front table.
Do you have a promo code?
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Thank you! We're looking forward to seeing you soon.
Thank you so much for taking the time to register for the Good Food Mercantiles of 2018. Within a week, we will check your Guild membership status and reach out with a PayPal invoice so you can complete your registration. We will also double check on your Guild membership status to make sure you will be an active member in 2018, and where needed reach out to walk you through the Good Food Guild membership sign up or include a renewal fee in your invoice. We can't wait to see you next year, and look forward to gathering some of the best food crafters in the country together with retailers excited to stock the best of tasty, authentic and responsible food and drink.

Please feel free to email or give us a call at 415.680.4127 with any questions.

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