dadAWESOME Small Group Feedback
Thank you so much for being part of one of our five initial dadAWESOME Subgroups... We're excited for future expansion in how dadAWESOME creates and resources small group leaders at Substance and beyond. Thanks for your feedback in making this even more valuable in the future:
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Which dadAWESOME Subgroup did you attend? (Leaders names)
How many times did you attend your DA Subgroup?
What was the main reason you attended the dadAWESOME Subgroup?
What did you like about your dadAWESOME Subgroup?
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What would make a future dadAWESOME Subgroup more valuable and impactful?
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What was frustrating or confusing that should be addressed for the future?
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What did you think of the topics discussed? Any feedback on topics to focus on in the future?
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Would you be interested in helping to lead a Fall 2019 dadAWESOME Subgroup?
dadAWESOME has several ministry volunteer opportunities >> would any of these volunteer roles spark your interest?
How often do you listen to the dadAWESOME Podcast?
Any other feedback or stories of how your dad-life has been impacted by dadAWESOME?
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