Apply to be A Step 1-2-3 Member
Professionals looking to mentor or are looking to be mentored and want to build their professionals skills please answer the questions below or email your application or request form to

We are looking for Team Members


Join our Bonding Events in the Future Months (we do those once a month from emotional exercise activities to physical exercises)
[Required to have a mentor to supervise activities)

Level 2: MENTOR or TEACH

If lawyer, you can send a letter of good standing to this email from your respective bars
We will pay for your background check if you are unable to (however please submit a need statement)
Then fill out the mentor application located at and return to us

Level 3: Staff or Board Member

Background Check Required
1099 Agreement Signed
Interview Process
Approved by Board Majority
Must Provide Training Cohorts for us once or twice a year

Level 4: CEO Mastermind

Background Check Required

Program Implementation for Step 1-2-3
NDA and 1099 Agreements Signed

The proposal in Your Geographic Region to Start a Local Chapter
Board of Directors Evaluations
Critical in Planning I AM LOST Training Conference Annually
Scholarships Selection Committee

Join Our Trello Board for Intake:
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Mentees ONLY need to post a link to download their mentor request form instead of an application, photo and resume (put it in  google drive or drobox folder)
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