Band Competition Sign-Ups
Thanks for being interested in serving as a chaperone for the band competitions! We will do our best to give as many people the opportunity as we can, but a designated number of parents go as chaperones each competition. If you come with us, please plan to be gone all day, from mid-morning to late at night. The exact times will emailed to you a few days before the competition. Please keep in mind, if you chaperone you are coming to supervise students, assist in a variety of areas, and help enforce rules if needed. This is a school-sponsored event, so we expect our students to act appropriately. They can be very long days, and you should plan to be on your feet a significant portion of the day. Chaperones ride the school buses with the students and walk with them to the various staging areas. Plan to come prepared for a wide range of weather as well, since it can be quite warm mid-afternoon and then chilly in the evening. We also need people to help with the props on the day of competition, although that team usually does not ride the bus.
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Sept 14th-Double Header at Providence Catholic & Victor J Andrew
October 5th-Romeoville
October 12th- Downers Grove South
October 25th & 26th-Bands of America in Indianapolis. This will have an additional chaperone fee to cover travel expenses, details TBD
How often are you willing to help?
Are you willing to help push pit?
Are you willing to push the drum major podiums? This involves a more time with the equipment truck and less direct supervision of the kids. We can save a spot for you on the bus, or you can meet us there if you prefer!
Are you willing to help with props? These helpers don't ride the bus. They help load the truck at the school and then meet the group at the competition, load & unload at the competition, and again back at the school.
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