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Preventing teen dating abuse before it starts will help to assure relationships, homes, schools, and communities are healthy, safe and free of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

At bloom365, we take a collaborative and comprehensive public health approach to preventing teen dating abuse and domestic/sexual violence at the root causes. Through multi-dose "Bloom It Up" education curricula, ongoing advocacy and youth-led activism, we change the social norms that support violence.

If you are a teen or an adult and want to activate with bloom365 to #UprootAbuse in a generation, please indicate your interests and preferences on the following form.

Opportunities to #UprootAbuse with us include:
-Scheduling our education, advocacy and peer-led activation programs for implementation in your school or community.
-Trusted Adult Ally Trainings for school personnel, service providers, parents/caregivers, school resource officers and others who interact with youth on a daily basis.
- Becoming certified and trained to implement our 3-Step Educate, Advocate, Activate model in your school or community.
-Volunteering or interning with us!

We hope to collaborate with you soon!
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bloom365 EDUCATION
SCHEDULE bloom365 EDUCATION for Ages 13 & Up LESSONS INCLUDE: Red Flags | Safety Planning | Resource Connections | Peer Support | Boundaries | Root Causes | Self-Esteem | Communication| Conflict Resolution | Consent | Bystander Empowerment | Social Norm Shifting | Mandatory Reporting | Culture Change Implemented in collaboration with a wide network of prevention partners, including schools, youth organizations, family advocacy centers, shelters, faith communities, military installations and more, BLOOM365 education programs are designed to cultivate a culture of respect, empathy, consent, equality and kindness, peer to peer. TOGETHER, we ensure young people have the knowledge, skills, and resources to cultivate and promote healthy relationships, free of dating abuse, sexual violence and harm. Visit for more info.
bloom365 ADVOCACY
bloom365 MOBILE ADVOCACY SERVICES are designed for teens and young adults, between the ages of 13 and 24, who have experienced or witnessed teen dating abuse, domestic violence, sexual violence, gender-based violence, cyber-abuse/stalking, and/or bullying. Trained Lead Advocates, Peer Advocates and MSW counseling interns provide: Emotional Support | Safety Planning | Self-Care | Resource Connections | Peer Support Groups | Journaling | Healing Arts | Case Management | Validation | Non-Judgmental Emotional Support REQUEST ADVOCACY SERVICES AT YOUR LOCATION OR OURS
ACTIVATE: UPROOT ABUSE IN A GENERATION! bloom365 provides opportunities for Gen Z Youth (ages 13-24) to activate their talents, leadership, storytelling and peer advocate skills to promote healthy relationships. Peer Advocates are provided with the opportunity to participate in inter-generational dialogue, facilitate peer to peer conversations on prevention, and explore what cultivating schools and communities, free of teen dating abuse and sexual violence, means to them.
REMOVE BARRIERS TO PREVENTION! BLOOM365’s Trusted Adult Ally (TAA) trainings provide adults with the knowledge, confidence, tools and skills to alleviate the barriers to safety, well-being and support for children, teens and young adults who witness or experience domestic/sexual/teen dating violence.
SCALE IMPACT & UPROOT ABUSE WITH US! Are you tired of facilitating a curriculum developed in the 1990's or a "once and done" prevention strategy that doesn't work? If so, our Seed Partner opportunity is for you! ​Our teen relevant domestic/sexual/ teen dating violence prevention and intervention curriculum doesn’t end in the classroom. It continues throughout the year. We are now training and certifying 7-Dose Curriculum Facilitators & Outreach Advocates from Seed Partner organizations to replicate and implement our 3-STEP EDUCATE | ADVOCATE | ACTIVATE strategy nationwide.
VOLUNTEER/INTERN WITH US! Work behind the scenes or out in the community with staff and teens to plan and coordinate bloom365 signature events, deliver resource information, facilitate programs, and more!
PLEASE SHARE ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION YOU FEEL WE SHOULD KNOW (eg. Why you are interested, where you see this implemented, information on current efforts in your community prevent teen dating abuse, etc.) *
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