Empowering Your Teen To Be A Champion In Life
Family Matters@School Talk at Greenridge Secondary School on Saturday, 13 May, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Being a champion does not mean winning all the time at all cost. Being a champion means being able to have the inner mental strength and skill to face challenges in life. Children today face challenges that are different from their parents’ times. With constant set-backs such as failure, rejection, disappointments, comparisons and insecurities in today’s competitive environment, students need to have the mental strength to be over-comers.

Parents can play a vital role in helping their children develop the mindset of a champion, which eventually will lead them to develop the necessary skills to be a champion in life.

In this talk, the speaker will discuss:
- The difference between champions and losers
- The goal of most children/teenagers
- Is your parenting style creating a winner or a whiner (loser)?
- Overcoming the greatest obstacle to being a champion : FAILURE
- The two essential ingredients of a champion :
- Positive self-belief : Developing a positive self-belief through communication
- Resilience : Developing Resilience (a mindset that does not give up easily) through goal setting and discipline

Light refreshments will be served.
Call Catherine Banton at 97625186 if you have any questions.

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