Howloween 2022 Staff Application Form
Interested in being a part of the Howloween team for our 20th year? Please let us know where you'd be most interested in helping out and we will do our best to get everyone placed somewhere!

PLEASE NOTE: We use discord for our staff meetings and general staff chatter. If you do not have one, we encourage you to come join. You can view it in a browser, as an app and even mobile. Leads are especially encouraged to be on the server.

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WHEN PROVIDING YOUR EMAIL BELOW, WE WANT YOUR PRIMARY CONTACT EMAIL and not a howloween staff email if you already have one from previous years.
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What positions interest you? (Pick all that apply. The more you apply for, the easier we can place you.) *
Do you have any relevant skills for the departments you've applied for? (If you applied for the art team, please also link to your art gallery or examples.) *
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Have any questions or concerns?
Thank you for your interest!
It means a lot that you are interested in helping out. Howloween is run by dedicated volunteers like you. Please remember that we may not respond until January as we want to ensure our current staff get a break before we start up the process again.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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