Program Evaluation
Students and Parents: Woodlawn Arts Academy is dedicated to providing quality artistic opportunities to all. It’s important to the employees of the Academy to get feedback from the customers, so we can make improvements and continue to offer the highest level of service possible.
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The program curriculum/activities were interesting and challenging.
The program was what I expected from the description.
The number of students in the program was appropriate for the activity.
The facility/classroom was comfortable.
The teacher was prompt and organized.
The teacher was professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.
The teacher communicated well with students and parents.
This was a good experience for me.
The Academy does an effective job offering artistic opportunities to all.
The Academy offers programs to all ages.
I was made aware of financial assistance opportunities to those that qualify.
The office staff was courteous and helpful.
I would take another program from Woodlawn Arts Academy.
I would recommend Woodlawn programs to a friend.
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Your feedback matters. Please use this space to let us know other classes you would like to see offered, and give suggestions or comments about our programs.
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