Creativity and Well-Being during the pandemic - Survey
This survey is designed for a study on "Creativity and Well-Being in India's private and public sectors" being conducted by a research student of the "Doctor of Business Administration program" at Swiss School of Business and Management, Geneva.

The survey data is anonymous, confidential and will not be shared publicly. It is being strictly used for research purposes. Your honest and truthful responses will greatly help the cause.

Thank you for your time!
(2-3 min, 10 multiple choice questions)
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How many years of total work experience do you have? *
Do you think the pandemic affected your creative, productive performance at work? *
During the pandemic, did your employer conduct playful or creative activities to de-stress or socialize with your colleagues, just for fun? *
To maintain your mental and physical health, did you do yoga, meditation, exercise or any other activities? *
What new hobbies or playful/creative activities did you pursue on your own during the pandemic? (select or add your activity) *
How did this hobby or creative activity help you? (select or add other ways) *
What EMPLOYEE characteristics do you consider most critical to success of any organization (select up to 3 options or add new)? *
How satisfied are you with the training and L&D programs provided by your employer during the pandemic? *
very dissatisfed
very satisfied
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