FOCUS MARTIAL ARTS School Pickup Agreement
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>> A Focus Martial Arts representative wearing a Focus Martial Arts Uniform will collect the children from school and bring them to the club.
>> For each school there is a designated pickup area.
>> Students are to meet at this area on their pickup day (NOTE: for Prep or Year 1 - we can collect from their classroom for the Prep/Year 1 fee amount)
>> If for any reason, your child is NOT AT SCHOOL that day (eg. they go home sick, on holidays or stay at home) you MUST NOTIFY US VIA TEXT ON 0403 022 650
>> ALL communication is via text (so we can check back on details later in the day when needed.) We will ALWYAS reply to your text - so you know we have it.
>> It is recommended that you pack an AFTER SCHOOL SNACK (TIP: label it 'After School ONLY')
>> Once students are at Focus Martial Arts, they will do their scheduled martial arts class.
>> If there is free time before or after their class, they can either do their homework, do some reading with a book they have brought or watch TV until the parents come inside and collect them. We close 8pm most nights and 6:30 on Fridays.
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Fees Structure
>> Only $3.50 per person per pickup booked.
>> Prep, Year 1 or Casual Pickup are $6 per pickup
>> Fees are payable per school term in advance.
NOTE: There are NO REFUNDS for booked pickups not used if sick or away (also there is no extra charges for make-up class pickups)

Number of Weeks x Number of Pickup Days/week x Number of Students x Fee (either $3.50 or $6.00)
10 weeks x 2 days per week x 2 students x $3.50 per pickup = $140
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In the format of : ## weeks X # days X # students X amount (either $3.50 or $6.00)
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I/We agree and acknowledge:
>> I agree to notify Focus Martial Arts via text if my child is not requiring pickup for that day.
>> I/We have read and understood the above information
>> I give permission for my child/ren to travel by mini bus, or staff vehicle for the purpose of transport from the school to the club.
>> I understand that I/We are responsible for my child even though Focus Martial Arts is collecting them from school.
>> Focus Martial Arts has my/our permission to arrange any necessary urgent medical treatment at no cost to Focus Martial Arts. While the staff will clearly act in accordance with club policy and procedures, I acknowledge that by agreeing to this form, neither the staff nor management of the programme will be liable for any loss, damage or injury (by way of accident, injury, theft, or otherwise) arising out of attendance at the programme.

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