Welcome to Shelter Rock! On behalf of the Shelter Rock SCA, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to all our new and returning families. Each year, the SCA provides a complimentary School Directory to each family at Shelter Rock Elementary School. The Shelter Rock SCA publishes a Student Directory to facilitate communication with Shelter Rock families. This is a wonderful resource allowing families to connect with other Shelter Rock parents.

Who Should Fill Out Directory Form:
● If your family is new to Shelter Rock
● If you have an additional child who is new to Shelter Rock ● If you were NOT in the directory last year and would like to be included this year
● If you have a change of address, phone, or email

Who Shouldn't Fill Out Directory Form:
● Families that have been already included in the Student Directory and there is NO change of address, phone, or email

Terms of Use:
● In order for the student to be INCLUDED in the Directory, the parent's /guardian's PERMISSION is required
● The directory is solely for the use of our families at Shelter Rock for school-related matters and may not be used for any other personal purpose or public distribution
● This information will be used for the SCA student directory until the student graduates from Shelter Rock unless we receive updated information OR a request to be removed

The Directory is distributed using a "one per household" list, which is sent home with the youngest Shelter Rock student in the family in late November/ early December.
Include/Update the below information in the Student Directory *
Families will be listed by the child's last name in the directory, along with the full name, grade, telephone number, and email address of the parent or guardian. Please fill out the Google form exactly as you would like it to appear in the Directory.
Student Information: Name (first name, last name) and student's grade in 2020-2021: Example: 1. John Smith -Kindergarten 2. Mary Smith -5th *
Parent's/ Guardian's Information: (first name, last name) *
Home Address: *
Telephone: *
E-mail: Due to space constraints, only one email may be used in the Student Directory. *
Signature: By typing your first name and last name in the below field, you confirm the information is accurate. This form becomes the signed document. *
If you have any questions, please contact Nonna Madia, the Directory Chairperson, at
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