Dark Bunny Sauces Ongoing Research Formulaire of Questions with Answers
Hello! We want your feedback!
In the near future, Dark Bunny Sauces will be making changes to our labels and website information. And we want you to help! We need to re-rate our sauces, and, potentially, make a few of them even better. So we would like your feedback on the sauces!
Just answer a few questions, and we'll use the information to update our labels a little better.

We don't want you going away empty handed, so here's the deal:
-Fill in a survey for a sauce
-Get some Pepper Points for giving us feedback - PER SAUCE
-Get entered into a draw for something - PER SAUCE

We would like your honesty when filling it in. This is going to help make the sauces better, and make it a better experience for everyone.

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What would you recommend using this sauce for or on?
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If you could change one thing about this sauce, what would it be and why?
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If you bought this sauce, would you buy it again?
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