Open Symbols Questionnaire
Thanks for your interest in helping us with the Open Symbols project! Briefly, is starting a project to consider the creation or support of an existing set of symbol libraries that can be used by AAC communicators. We are looking for experts in various fields to contribute their perspective and expertise.

The interest in this project has been more than we expected, so we are asking those who are interested to help us get started by filling out this brief survey. Your responses will help us identify some general trends, and also help us narrow down the ideal participants for this phase of the project.

Thank you for your help!
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Please list the symbol picture libraries which you have heard of
Please list the symbol libraries you have seen used on a communicator's device
Please list the symbol libraries you have used when creating support materials
Please list any criteria you feel are generally important in the selection and implementation of a symbol library
Please share a brief analysis of each of the symbol libraries you are familiar with, pros and cons, based on your real-world experience
Are you comfortable with your answers being shared publicly as part of the results of this survey?
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