BEMC Talks: Summary form
This form is for students of the Charité who want to earn ECTS credits for attending BEMC Talks.
In order to claim credit, you need to attend at least 7 talks, for which you can claim a total of 2.5 ECTS. In addition to signing the attendance sheet at the Talk, you will need to submit a summary of each attended BEMC Talk you attended in order to claim your ECTS. Summaries should be at least 250 words and reflect the talk as well as the following discussion.

Once you have attended 7 Talks and submitted 7 summaries, you can claim your 2.5 ECTS by contacting Bob Siegerink via with the subject line 'BEMC ECTS Credits'. In this email, please list which BEMC talks you attended, and attach the the Teilnahmebescheinigung form from the Promotionsumgebung with all information filled out (i.e. Veranstaltungsart: BEMC Talks, Titel der Veranstaltung: Titles from all 7 talks you attended, Number of teaching units: 20, Anbieter: BEMC/Bob Siegerink, ECTS: 2.5)

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