WRMC Spring 2012 Show Application
This form is due before sunrise (7:06 AM) on the morning of Saturday, February 18th.  

For your application to be considered complete, you are also required to attend the ALL-DJ AND GENERAL INTEREST MEETING on Thursday, February 16th at 9PM in McCullough! Again, this meeting is mandatory. It will not take long.  Please bring friends, fresh ideas, and any questions you may have.  

Welcome to WRMC, Middlebury College's student-run and independent radio station.  Radio broadcasting is an exciting, intoxicating endeavor that can be as rewarding for the individual DJ as it is for his or her listeners. WRMC prides itself on its freeform format that grants individual DJs full control over what to play and say within FCC regulations.  With this format, seldom heard music, opinions, and programming are delivered to our listeners on the Middlebury Campus, in the Champlain Valley, and globally on the web. As you craft your show, consider this notion and strive to develop programming that is fresh, creative, informative, and fun.

Please email any questions directly to Sam at ssafran@middlebury.edu

See you at 9PM on Thursday, McCullough. Please have your phones on and at hand on Saturday and Sunday when we will call individuals to offer show times.
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Show name
How many semesters has this particular show been on the air?
DJs- Full name, email, ID Number, cell number, semesters experience (please separate each part of the answer with a comma)
DJ #1
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DJ #2
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DJ #3
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DJ #4
NO EXPERIENCE IS NECCESARY, but please list any previous involvment with radio, music industry, journalism, or audio engineering. If you've had a show on WRMC in the past, be sure to list the show's name, broadcasting season/semester, day of the week, and time of day. Seriosuly though... no experience is necessary.
Mark any that apply
Show description for public listing
Please make your description brief, informative, and enticing. This will be published in all distributed schedules (subject to slight modifications).
Show description for application
This is the single most important response... describe your show.  Consider answering some of the following questions: what is your show about? is there a theme? why are you passionate about this particular genre or subject matter? how might your show diversify or improve WRMC programming? For music shows, consider including a sample playlist (~2 hours, by default).  Basically, tell us why this show should be on the air. Sell it. Get creative. The more thought we see put into this question, the better your chances are of receiving a show.  If you need more space or a different format, please email your repsponse/attachments to ssafran@middlebury.edu
How long and when should this show be?
Shows are two hours by default, but some sorts of shows are better suited to other lengths (one hour might be great for punk shows, talk shows, and narrative journalism while a classical show might need more than the default). While we can't guarantee anything, list some times and days you might want to have this show (remembering that songs with swears can only be played after 10 PM).
If your show is slected, how would each DJ like their name listed on the schedule?
Full names? First names? DJ names? Write them here.
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