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The Government will give final notification about the widening of school opening during half-term and we intend to open if authorised from Wednesday 3rd June 2020. Class sizes will be reduced to 10 students per class, social distancing established through a variety of measures including seating arrangements and reduced student movement. The length of school day will be shortened with students finishing by 12.30pm.

We will offer all GCSE subjects across the course of a school week with a subject specialist where possible in order to allow students to catch up on their learning.
Do you intend for your child to return to school when we are able to re-open during term 6? *
If yes, is it your intention that your child will attend everyday? (If no please give more details in the final box below)
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Is your child entitled to a 'Free School Meal?
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If your child is returning to school, would you like to end your entitlement to the free school meal vouchers and replace this with a school packed lunch instead?
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Has your child been able to engage meaningfully with learning whilst not in school?
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Any other comment regarding your child returning to school or their distance learning so far?
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