Brite Winter 2019 Call to Artists
Get Involved in Brite Winter, Saturday February 23 2019! You can participate as a workshop leader, as an art fabricator/crew member, or as an art grantee. Please read on to learn more!

In 2019, Brite Winter is ON THE MOVE! We're celebrating 10 years with Brite 10: Onward! A journey that will feature movement in all its forms: whether by land, by sea or by air, plane trains or automobiles, Brite 10 will take visitors on a ride to remember.

Think of the Golden Age of Travel - whether boarding a plane when airlines represented the height of luxury and sophistication, exploring the depths on a vintage steamship or submarine, or rumbling across the desert in a dusty train car, pyramids and caravans of camels in the distance . . .

You can apply for all types of projects - site specific installations or decorations that fit well in our large heated tents, large-scale free-standing art pieces, roaming performance (your improv group's whimsical reimagining of classic midcentury airline stewards? a group of astronauts? submariners?), or music.**

Projects are accepted on a rolling basis, so the sooner you apply, the better your chances of being accepted (and receiving a grant or stipend!)

CREW MEMBERS will work with us over the weeks leading up to Brite Winter - we typically meet Thursday afternoons and Saturdays in the Saint Clair Superior neighborhood at the Hamilton Collaborative.

ART LEADS have a vision or concept they want to bring to life during a dedicated workshop - they design and implement the project with our support and in collaboration with the CREW.

GRANTEES typically work independently on their projects, including budgeting, construction and installation, though we still work closely to make sure it all comes together!

**MUSIC or STAGE PERFORMANCE ** Most music for Brite Winter passes through a musical selection committee, for which applications are available here: A limited number of performances are also chosen directly through this art intake form, which emphasize connection to our theme, multimedia aspects and ambient quality/danceability. Originally produced dance music, DJ acts and live acts requiring minimum inputs/sound engineering are given preference.

Additionally, this year, Brite is proud to partner with Ingenuity Cleveland, the Shaker Heights Community Development Corporation and Arts Van Aken on WinterActive, a celebration of light and art in the Van Aken district February 7-10. Grantees can submit project proposals for up to $5,000; winning installations may also be selected to appear at Brite Winter. More information available here:

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If you are interested in joining us as a PROJECT LEAD, GRANTEE, or MUSIC/STAGE PERFORMANCE please fill out the next section. Otherwise, you're all done! Simply click through and hit "submit." You'll receive an email with information on our workshop times and other ways to get involved!
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