Ingenuity Collaborative Project Lead Application
Are you an art teacher, fabricator, or simply interested in leading/learning to lead a large-scale collaborative work? This is your chance to work with a group of people, engage volunteers and skilled artists alike, and see a vision through from start to finish!

You can apply to lead any type of project that can be workshopped in our IngenuityLabs space - whether a large-scale site specific project, roaming performance, or collaborative fine art piece. All projects will be exhibited at IngenuityFest 2019: Dreamscapes, September 27-29.

Project Leads have a vision or concept they want to bring to life during a dedicated workshop - they design and implement the project with support from and in collaboration with the Ingenuity Staff, Ingenuity Ingeneers, and a wider community of volunteers who attend the workshop to learn and grow. Workshops take place on an agreed-upon day or days (usually a Thursday evening or Saturday) in the IngenuityLabs facility - 5401 Hamilton Avenue, Cleveland. (Saint Clair Superior Neighborhood)

Projects accepted by June 15 will be given preference; the sooner you apply, the better your chances of being accepted (and receiving a grant or stipend!). Additionally, preference is given to projects which:

-- Easily engage a team of people, including artists and volunteers at a range of skill levels.
-- Can be taught or led by the applicant(s), primarily using the applicant's expertise (can include some support from Ingenuity team members).
-- Utilize low-cost, upcycled, recycled or recyclable materials.
-- Teach new or unusual skills in a safe, accessible manner (ex. batiking, Agile development, soldering, metal hammering)
-- Allow individual artists and volunteers to grow a piece of the vision and take ownership of a small piece of the project (ex. individually created hammered leaves contribute to a whole tree, large papier-mached creature with smaller details) -- Can be completed in 1-2 workshop sessions, or launched in 1-2 workshop sessions, with individual artists/volunteers. continuing the project with more minimal oversight in following sessions.
-- Easily scaled so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
-- Exhibit artistic excellence, bring to life unique immersive, technological, or social justice qualities, and/or actively engage audience members during final exhibition at the Fest.

Budgets will range from $150 to $550. In rare cases, a project may be funded at a higher level.

Projects must be completed between the starting workshop date and one week prior to IngenuityFest, and the Project Lead is ultimately responsible for the project over the arc of its development, from concept to materials acquisition to workshop to construction/completion. Project Leads will be assigned to a Project Coordinator who will assist in ensuring the Project Lead's needs are met.

Other Applications for individual projects, vendors, musicians, etc, may be found here:

Applicant (Contact) Name!
Group or Organization Name, if applicable
Website or Portfolio
Email Address:
Phone Number:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Handles
If applicable - so we can find you and also tag you!
How did you hear about IngenuityFest and have you participated previously? In what capacity?
Have you led collaborative group projects in the past? If so, please describe:
Name of your Project/Workshop
Super Short Project Description
Describe your project in a very short (~10 words) blurb that will go on our promo materials, if chosen
For Art Lead Applicants:
Your project will be brought to life during one or more of our workshop sessions; we provide space, basic tools, and a budget (plus a super fun environment) and a team (typically around 10-12 people). YOU provide the idea and expertise.
What are the primary skills your project will require or impart to volunteers, artists and participants?
What space(s) would your final project be exhibited in?
If chosen, where will your project best fit in to help us create a unique atmosphere for our guests?
Basic Project Description:
What is your project? How big? What does it do? How does it engage audiences? What is it made from? If a performance, describe.
Project Construction Details:
How will this project (basically) be created? What tools and materials will be needed? Will it be created in our shop at IngenuityLabs and transferred to the site, or built on the specific site?
Project Workshop Details:
How many sessions (workshops) do you envision this project taking? What are the time requirements and steps required outside each workshop? How many people can you engage per workshop? What are the skills/experience levels needed from participants? How many assistants would you need to run the workshop(s) and do you provide them or do we? Are there pieces of this project that can be worked on independently by participants, either at our site or at their home or studio? If applicable, please provide a schedule or project timeline
Project Site Details:
What resources, tools or materials might you need to install your art in an unfinished warehouse (primarily concrete floor, high ceilings, occasional rafters, beams, columns) or outdoor setting (gravel or asphalt)? Think about staking and wind security, ladders or heavy equipment, etc.
Project AV and Technical Details:
What type of power, if any, and how much will be needed? What about sound, lighting, projection or other AV needs?
Project Installation and Breakdown Details:
How long will you need onsite to set up your project? Does your project have valuable components that must be struck or locked up during off hours? How long will breakdown take? What will happen to the project or materials after breakdown?
What budget and materials are needed? How will these be sourced and transported? Do you have any other funding sources or potential partners/sponsors?
Please link to any photos, sketches, schematics or drawings for this project, or samples of similar works
To the best of your knowledge, what day(s) would you be available to lead workshops?
Please let us know when you can lead a group. If your project requires more than one workshop, please check more than one day (as many as possible, to make scheduling easier and maximize your chances of leading). Thursday Workshops begin at 6 pm and Saturday Workshops at 2 pm.
How is your project a great learning experience for our crew, volunteers, and the wider community? Anything else you'd like to share?
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