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The wait has been long but it was worth it! The Cage Match is back and reimagined! The Cage Match: Trio Tournament! The Tournament will take place every Friday in April at 10. Teams will be BRAND NEW trios competing for amazing prizes and GLORY! Its not just the teams competing, its also the audience! We are doing a Cage Match Fantasy League. Earn points and advance as your teams do! Rules and prizes below. Right now we are looking for submissions for teams until March 15th. 8 will compete 1 will win.
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Availability- Is your team all available for all Fridays in April?
Hype Video- prior to the announcement of teams we will need you to create and send to us a hype video no more than 60 seconds. This can be ANYTHING you want to promote your team but must include the title of the Cage Match, Location- Finest City Improv, and the dates (Friday nights at Finest City). This video is for us to share to the public not for review process. Are you able?
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About your team- Tell me about your team and who you are? Team description and info on form etc are welcome. *
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