YISE Sukkah Share: Host Sign-up
Thank you very much for your willingness to share your sukkah under these extraordinary circumstances!

The Sukkah Share is designed to allow others to temporarily use your sukkah - while you're not using it. We're asking for some basic information on this page. On the following pages, we'll ask you to select which times on each day of the holiday you can make your sukkah available.

After you submit at the end, you'll get an email listing your selections. You can also review your selections on the "Sukkah Availability" sheet at http://wp.yise.org/sukkah-list. After guests reserve time-slots in your sukkah, you'll be able to see all of your sukkah's reservations in one place in the "Reservations by Host" sheet there.

If you have any questions or need to change any of your answers later, please email us at hospitality@yise.org.

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YISE Sukkah Share - Guidelines
Hosts:•	Please be prepared to leave your sukkah empty 30 minutes before and after any guests enter. •	Please leave out a disinfectant spray and tissues, towelettes, or wipes so each guest can wipe down before they use the table/chairs. •	Please leave the sukkah door(s) and window(s) open in between guests as much as possible.•	Please allow weather-proof chairs to remain in the sukkah (to match the number of 'guests' that you're filling out on the Google Form)•	Consider leaving a tarp to cover chairs/tables for guests.•	Consider leaving a broom for the guests' use.•	Consider allowing guests to deposit their trash in your waste cans. Not a must - but it would help the guests. Just leave a note in your sukkah that lets them know either way.•	Similar to above, consider allowing guests to access a hose bib for washing (please leave a note).•	If there are areas within your sukkah that have pasul tzail (e.g. scach under a tree branch or roof), please leave a note for your guests, so they can avoid those areas as needed.Guests:•	Please bring your own utensils, food, and tablecloth•	Please clean the table and chairs before and after you use the sukkah with the provided cleaning supplies•	Please bring a garbage bag with you to the sukkah. •	Please follow the hosts directions for garbage. If the host allows you to use their waste cans, please only deposit garbage that is fully within a bag and securely placed in the host's cans.•	Please sweep the sukkah floor after use.•	If rain seems likely, please use the host's tarp (if they have one) to cover the chairs and table, after your seudah.Guests & Hosts:If you have Covid-19, have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the past 2 weeks, or are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, you may not be a guest or host. In either case, please email us ASAP at hospitality@yise.org and we will remove your host listing (or guest reservation).
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