"Find Us On Yelp" Sticker Request
Thank you for your interest! We had paused the Find Us on Yelp sticker request form during the pandemic as we started the process of freshening up the look and feel of our stickers. Requests were and are still being received and once we finish our tidying up, a sweet new sticker will be sent your way. We are hoping to have these ready sometime in early 2022. In the mean time, we will be sending the current version of the sticker to anyone that has requested one.Thank you for your patience.

Pro tip: If you have more than one practitioner, artist, stylist etc. at your business and would like a sticker for each, please use the same address and information, but use the person's individual name in each request.

*We will mail your sticker to the name and address exactly as entered in this sticker request form*
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