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Participating at the Jõhvi Aviatoin Day 24.07.21 with an aircraft includes the pilot to be eligible for a VIP package, which includes:
* Welcoming gala 23.07 18:00
* Bus transfer to Toila SPA 23.07 ~19:00
* Dinner in Toila SPA restaruant Mare Margarita 23.07
* Accommodation and water-park visit at Toila SPA - single room 23-24.07
* Breakfast at Toila SPA restaruant Mare Margarita 24.07
* Bus transfer to Jõhvi airfield 24.07 ~09:00

As a pilot, you may take place in an aviation competition at 24.07 around 13:00-14:30 (the top 3 will be determined by various competitions e.g: flour bombing, spot landing and car speed-parking).

Jõhvi airfield will be 24/7 guarded from 22.07 17:00 - 24.07 21:00 by a security worker (during the event 24.07 10:00-17:00 - 4 safety workers). You may arrive to the location earlier and leave you aircraft under surveillance (severe weather conditions, personal preferences, etc). However, early birds are not eligible for additional accommodation and transportation support on organisers behalf.

Registration is necessary for the organiser and Estonian Transport Administration to fulfill the requirements of public aviation event.

Location plan (In Estonian):

Temporary frequency of communication in Jõhvi airfield: 119.19 MHz

Pilots arriving to Jõhvi Airport in 23.07 morning, can use bus transfers to the aviation conference in Jõhvi concert hall in following times (Fri 23.07): 10:40, 10:55, 11:10, 11:25. Other transfer times via pre-booking: 58 666 952
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