Guernsey Velo Club 10 mile TT Entry
Please complete this form to enter the next GVC 10 Mile TT on Saturday 5th May 2018 - Entries will be accepted up to 7pm on the Thursday before the TT - Early start requests will be considered on a first come first served basis. Please only request an early start if you 100% committed to racing. Any "on the day" entries will be placed at the end of the field.
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Guidance & Rules for Guernsey Velo Club Riders in Time Trials *
The following guidance is specific to Time Trials and is different to the guidance for Road Races. · Do not make a U-Turn in view of the Starter/Timekeeper – Please see further explanation below · Do not interrupt the time keeper – once you have completed your ride, please do not interrupt the time keeper for your time, this may distract him from his job and mean someone else’s time doesn’t get recorded · Do not Warm Up on the course – you could delay a rider who is racing or cause traffic to delay a rider who is racing · Do not take pace or draft another rider or Vehicle – When passing another competitor, you must pass as far away as is safe to do so. The overtaken rider must then drop back at least 10 Metres. f you catch a rider pass them quickly and safely. · If you have to pass another Vehicle only do so when it is safe and legal. · Obey traffic laws and the highway code - this applies to Cyclists whether racing or not. · Ride on the left - please keep to the left of the centre line of the road at all times. · Overtake only if safe and legal to do so - do not cross a solid white line, do not overtake another rider on a hill if this means crossing the central line of the road and there is traffic present. · If there is no centre broken line or solid white line the middle of the road should be considered a line especially when exiting a corner. · Do not shout abuse or use offensive language to other riders or members of the public whatever the situation. · Obey Marshals instructions - if a marshal tells you to stop, stop. · Always consider the traffic behind you as well as the traffic in front of you. · Do not ride in a manner that may cause injury to you. · Do not ride in a manner that may cause injury or damage to a member of the public or other road users. · Do not ride in a manner that may be bring the club into disrepute · Approach all junctions, whether marshalled or not, with a view that you may need to stop or slow down, the marshal will do his best to get you through the junction without the need for the rider to slow, but do not assume you have right of way. · Never ride with your head down.
U-Turns *
do not make a U-turn within sight of the Starter/Time Keeper – There are several reasons for this but primarily for safety reasons. It is very difficult for a starter to manage the traffic at the start of a TT and ensure that the starting rider starts on time, with no delay caused by traffic passing the start. U-Turns within sight of the start can cause a headache for the starter and interfere with the traffic, potentially causing an accident with the U-turning rider turning in front of traffic or causing traffic to slow a starting rider. If you are coming to the start of a TT and need to cross the flow of traffic to get to the start on the opposite side of the road please either turn at one of the safe turning points listed below or dismount and cross the road on foot. The same rules apply for the finish.
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