The Washburn one ninety-two point five
Complete this form daily to log your mileage.
Remember your goal is to log 192.5 miles (or 96.25 for the Mini-Miller) by intentionally walking, running, or biking outdoors from September 8 through October 13.

Please log miles daily and only 1 time per day, even if you have 0 miles to record or if you ran, walked, or biked more than once in a day.
What is your FIRST name? (please enter the same name every day... i.e. if your name is Michael, but you go by Mike and enter Mike on the first day always enter Mike.) *
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What division are you in? *
If you are a student, please enter your grade-level.
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What date are you logging miles for? *
How many miles are you logging today? (just enter the number, no need to add mi or mile. round to the hundredth place) *
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