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Preorder books for signings in 2018. There's no charge for a preorder request--this simply guarantees I'll have the books you want at the signing you're attending. All payments can still be made on site though I will send you an invoice to prepay if you want. Please note some titles and sets will be added/adjusted as 2018 books are released. I don't sign in advance, so you'll still get time to chat with me while I write in your books. If you're coming to multiple events, please fill out one form per event so I know where the books should be.
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Book Sets
Individual Feral Breed Books ($10 each)
Feral Breed Followings Books ($10 each)
Individual Devil's Dires Books ($10 each)
Other Titles
Would you like me to bring any of my London Hale or Kristin Harte books? *
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