USC Games Expo 2019 - Call for Submissions
Thank you for your interest in the all-new USC Games Expo - an inclusive event highlighting the newest and best work across the entire USC Games community. Including AGP Demo Day, IMGD MFA & GamePipe Thesis Showcases, the Expo will span the Cinematic Arts complex and feature many more student games from across the program.

All games made in or outside of USC Games classes, by USC Games students or USC Games Alumni are eligible for exhibition provided:

* they have not been previously exhibited (excepting Alumni work)
* the work is in a finished, showable state
* the work is relatively current (developed in the last 18 months)

To submit your game, please fill out the form below in its entirety. Pay very close attention to the instructions.

Extended to 10PM on February 14th
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If you're a current student or alumni, please provide us with your degree and year of graduation.
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List names and roles. EX: Lois Lane - Lead Designer, Clark Kent - Producer, James Olsen - Lead Artist
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Please indicate which of the two key categories your project fits under.
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(PC, iOS, HTC Vive, Board Game, Lawn Game, etc)
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list any web presence the game might already have
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List the Key Features of your game as bullet points. (EX: * Make friends with living ice cream sandwiches. * Dance with strangers in an eclectic celebration of color and mayhem. * Finally answer the question of life, the universe, and everything.
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Background Information *
Tell the story of your game's creation. Was it for a class? A jam? To satisfy an inner urge? What happened then? How did we get here?
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MOST IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS PLEASE READ!!! Please provide a link to a shared folder (Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive) with a ZIPPED folder containing 4-8 screenshots or example images of your gameplay.
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Logo & Icon *
Please provide a link to a shared folder (Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive) with a ZIPPED folder containing your game's logo and/or the logos of any other institutions who collaborated with you. (LCAD, OTIS, Berklee, Thornton School of Music, etc).
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I have provided a link to the logo for my game and the logo of any other contributing institution. *
Playable Build/Link (optional)
If it's easy to share your game via this form, do so here! We understand that some games (board games, VR, etc) don't fit neatly into dropbox, so we'll coordinate with you to play it.
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Due the the massive scale of the Expo and the number of games we hope to exhibit, please indicate if you do not own a computer or the equipment needed to exhibit the game. Some support will be provided, but help us understand the logistics.
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Use this blank to give us any other supplemental materials or information you may have. Good PR hooks! Tell us here!
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