Tell us how you think race and racism should be taught in schools
The Alabama Education Lab is searching for parents, educators and child advocates with thoughts about how schools and teachers should discuss race and racism in the classroom.

Do you know if your student has learned about slavery, racism or civil rights movements in the classroom? Are you happy with how those topics were discussed? Why or why not? Students -- we'd love to hear from you, too!

Please feel free to answer the questions most relevant to you. This form is confidential. If you are OK with us publishing your answers, along with your name and location, let us know in the appropriate box below.

A reporter may be in touch if we have any follow-up questions or to see if you are comfortable submitting a photo or video to accompany a story. If you don't want to be contacted or have your responses published, please still give us valid phone and email addresses -- they help us be good journalists and make sure you're a real person! We won't publish or share your contact information.

Questions? We'd love to hear them! Email Education Editor Ruth Serven Smith at
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Do you remember what, if anything, your child learned about American slavery, racism or civil rights movements during the past school year? Do you remember any specific discussions about race and racism in American society?
What was your reaction to those lessons? Do you have any requests for how schools should handle discussions of race and racism in the future?
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