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Thank you for your interest in the GROW Changing Climate mission, please use this form to register your interest. We are looking for sites in the UK and Ireland. The information will not be used by GROW for any other purpose. Please note that if you join the Mission you will need to register to the GROW website separately where Data Policy and Terms and Conditions are provided on registration.
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As this is a EU funded project we are looking for sites in the UK and Ireland. Visit to see other GROW Places locations you may be able to join and other ways to be involved with the GROW Observatory.
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Each sensor should be in an area with about 30 metres of the same kind of environment/land cover in each direction (e.g. a pasture, a vegetable garden, woodland). They need to be directly in the ground (not in raised beds) and not in a greenhouse or polytunnel. Sensors need to be placed at least 20m apart so a hectare of suitable land could have up to 25 sensors.
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