Rancher Labs Trusted Ranch Hand Application
Apply to be a Rancher Trusted Ranch Hand

All responses will remain solely with the Rancher Community team and will not be used for purposes of sales, marketing, or lead generation.

For an overview see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IWpmyvwjtGkPRuwkwUk10WgwtN9gKj0Szp9JdjfOnLM/edit?usp=sharing

We'll use all the information you provide to us to get to know you. If you're not accepted immediately, continue to be involved. This program is expanding slowly. As we expand this program, we'll be adding more Ranch Hands from the pool of applicants as we focus on certain geographical territories.
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So we can communicate, responses won't go beyond the community team
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So we can send you swag, and old-school paper correspondence, again responses won't go beyond the community team
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Rancher slack is the most active of our online communities. Join at https://slack.rancher.io. If you have a username used by others include the Display Name as well.
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People need help here too and it's great for longer technical questions. Join at https://forums.rancher.com
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If it's just for swag, I totally get it. I love our T-shirts. But, seriously what drives you to help others?
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This can be anywhere from exploration to production.
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We will follow your twitter stream and like / retweet things that we think awesome
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Stackoverflow Username
Stackoverflow participation is not required, but there are those of us who do and we'd love to support you
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If you're out there, and we'd love to know. We post there too.
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This goes hand-in-hand with our philosophy with tweets. We love to share great content!
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Comments, Questions, Favorite Color, Something you experienced today you just have to get out
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