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Please fill out this form to become a supporter of the Swiss Quality UK project. The supporter contributions are dependant on the size of your company but start at £100 a year.

If you do not wish to design your page yourself, you can have our designer do that for you for a £50 fee. All you need to do is sending us any pictures and logos you have and we will make a nice page for you.
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You have two options:

1.) Just send us a few images and logos, and our designer will put your page together. Cost: £50 (recommended!)

2.) You can send us the exact files in the exact formats and specifications and we will just put them there. Cost: Free

Please send the images to

Formats for option 1.):
• Anything bigger than 1024x1024 px but smaller than 5mb.

Formats for option 2.):
• Hero: 930x381px, JPG, max 250kb
• Content: 580x280px, JPG, max 200kb (will be clipped left and right for the homepage teaser)
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Please write a text describing your business and added value to your customers in 3-4 paragraphs of ideally around 200 words.
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