Hack Lodge s19 Application/Info

Hack Lodge will take place in three locations in late august: Bay Area, NYC, Seattle.

We will cover the costs of food and housing, and we'll have a small budget available for project expenses. We generally do not reimburse travel, except on the basis of need.

After you submit this form, we'll get back to you within 2 weeks with either a decision or a request for a brief chat with a former participant. We're accepting participants on a rolling basis over the next several weeks until June 6 - earlier applications are considered first, especially if participants are able to commit to coming. Weak preference to students applying in teams. We are looking to build a cohort that has a mix of experience levels, backgrounds, ages, interests, etc. Acceptance decisions will be made on or before June 20.

For more information, visit http://hacklodge.org/, or contact ivansergchub@gmail.com

Location Preference *
Seattle - Aug 8-15
Bay Area - Aug 18-24
NYC - Aug 24-31
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If you would be UNABLE to attend any of the three locations, please list them below.
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This is not a binding commitment.
What sorts of projects would you be interested in working on during the program? Project ideas, technologies/frameworks you'd like to work with, project genres, etc.
This is non-binding and mostly just for our information - be as specific or as general as you'd like. Some participants may come into the program with a clear vision of a product (or even a startup) they'd like to build and continue to work on afterwards, while others may still be in the brainstorming process at the beginning of the program.
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How did you hear about Hack Lodge? *
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Travel *
Unfortunately, Hack Lodge is unable to provide international travel reimbursements.
Optional Questions
None of these are required, but answers are super helpful for us in assessing interest and putting together the cohort.
(optional) Do you have anyone in mind you'd like to potentially work with?
Though we give weak preference to students applying as teams, this is not a hard requirement. Keep in mind that if you are joining as an individual, it is ultimately your responsibility to connect with other participants and to form a team in advance.
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(optional) Personal website(s), Github link
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(optional) List any previous technical work experience.
Previous technical work experience is not required to participate.
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(optional) List up to three personal projects you're particularly proud of, along with a short summary of what you did and what you learned.
These don't have to all be technical: they can include any org, product, or project you've built yourself. Live links (project website, etc.) are great if you have them!
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(optional) List up to three academic or technical achievements, accomplishments, or awards you're particularly proud of.
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Anything else we should know?
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