Coffee Brain Plans PR Application
Hey planner girl! I'm so happy to see your interest in joining my PR team.

Please answer the questions as best as you can, with complete honesty.

As part of my PR team, you will be helping Coffee Brain Plans shop and community grow. I'm looking for people who genuinely love my stickers and products and would be willing to post photos of those products in use. To be able to promote in a non-spammy way. People who are passionate about planning and love being active in a friendly community, and love to give feedback and ideas.

I'm looking for someone who is comfortable being active in my Facebook community (starting and commenting on posts) as well as interacting on Instagram.

Priority will be given to the following people:
- Those with active, public Instagram accounts over private accounts.
- Those who are already a part of my Facebook group and have interacted.
- Those who interact with my account already on Instagram.
- Those who post bright, well-lit photos in their Instagram feed currently.

As part of my PR time you will be responsible for making at least 3+ posts on social media a week - either showcasing my items, starting a conversation in the Facebook group, etc. You will in turn be compensated with shop credit to my store. You will be given a starter credit then a monthly credit if you've completed your tasks for the month. You are responsible for paying any charges above the credit amount as well as shipping.

Only those chosen will be contacted but I thank each and every one of you for applying. I hope if you aren't chosen, you will apply again for the next term. Most PR terms will run for 3 months.

Applications are currently open without an end but can be closed at anytime, so apply now if you're interested.

Thank you for your interest in working with me!


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