DCB Eagles Corporate League 2013 registraion

Team and players Registration for Eagles Corporate League 2013

First Eagles Corporate Cricket League 2013
Starting from June 29th, 2013.
Registration deadline: 22nd of May (including Fee transfer to the bank)
Organized by Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V
Venue: TSV Hoefingen, Am Waeschbach 1, 71229 Leonberg

League Regulations
• 9 players per side. Maximum 25 registered players per side.
• 15 overs per Innings. Maximum 3 overs per Bowler. Maximum allocated time per innings: 50 minutes.
• Slazball and Flicx Pitch will be used for the League. 2 free Slazballs will be provided to each team.
• Minimum 3 Fielders always inside the inner circle (excluding Wicketkeeper)
• Bouncer is NOT allowed, it is a NO ball.
• 8 teams. All teams play each other in the round robin league. Semi-Final & Final will be played on the same day.
• The Teams outside Stuttgart will be scheduled to have 2 games on the same day.
• Game #1: 12:00-14:00, Game #2: 14:00-16:00, Game #3: 16:00-18:00.
• Registration Fee: 25 Euro per person (10 Euro for the members). Players registration deadline: 31.07.2013

In case of Rain......
Any Rain delay will be a draw. For a result, at least 6 overs must be played. Team with higher RR wins the game.
Every 6 minutes of delay will reduce the game by 1 over from each innings.
A team must have at least 5 players present on the field to have a valid game. Otherwise the opponent will get a walkover.

Team Registration:
Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V.
Pforzheimer str. 16, Leonberg 71229
Contact: 0176 1038 7007
Email: stuttgart.eagles@gmail.com

Bank information:
Name: "Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V."
Bank: Comdirect Bank
Konto-Nr. 5431903
BLZ: 20041144

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