Eloboosta.com Booster Application Details
Job Requirements:
Discord Windows Application
Lol Offline (For Appearing Offline ingame Chat, download link will be provided, you must run this as admin for it to work)
Proof of VPN Application (This is for masking IP address so accounts are not banned, further details will be provided. ProtonVPN is free)
Proof of current Diamond 1 or higher rank
If you have accepted any orders within our system, you will need to be playing at least 6 hours a day on this order. If you need a break you must not accept any orders. After accepting an order you must aim for 1 division per day.
Name *
PayPal E-Mail *
For your earnings to be paid into.
Email (For bank transfer instructions and website) *
Way to pay you? *
Discord Tag (Required) *
We use discord for all of our communication between admin and boosters. It is a required download (windows app not browser) and must be used while boosting with us. The program must be ticked to startup on windows startup so we can relay and create important announcements about orders with in-game overlay on. Your discord tag can be found by clicking the settings gear inside the app. You will receive a friend request in discord from Eloboosta if you are successful in your application.
Do you have an active paid VPN Subscription? *
Boosters with an active paid VPN subscription will be favoured highly. There are some free options like protonVPN.
What VPN do you have? *
Option1: ProtonVPN (No Download limit but Only 3 Servers). Option2: Windscribe (10GB Data) If you have a paid VPN subscription please write the name of it here. If you are using free VPN please install protonVPN and Windscribe.
Screenshots *
#1 Upload a screenshot proof of your VPN's installed, in the background must be a browser where you have googled 'what is my IP address' and the VPN client in the same screen to verify that it has actually changed your IP and is in fact working. If you are using a FREE VPN you must install both options (Windscribe and ProtonVPN). #2 Upload screenshot proof of your LoL Account with highest rank with #2.1 LoL Offline on (keep chat open so we can see it's working and you are appearing offline). LoLOffline needs to be opened as ADMINISTRATOR to work (right click file run as admin). Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u5Ll_nGN2A_jAAmHOBvCKbve_xAwwc_v/view?usp=sharing
Non-Allowed VPN's
Private Internet Access is not reliable and WTFast is not allowed as it is not proper a VPN.
Are you known as any previous companies?
We are not associated with the management of any former elo boosting companies. We have acquired the business, software, domain, and training from the sale on flippa.com. Any previous companies management with similiar design to ours are in no way related to us.
Please write about why you want to work with Eloboosta.com *
Out of all the other candidates why should we choose you? *
Are you currently boosting for any other websites? *
What can we expect from you in the first 3 months with us? *
Why do you want to leave your previous job if you have one (If you are leaving, boosting multiple sites is okay with us)? *
Tell us about your interactions with customers, and how do you handle them in duo queue games especially? Are you Kind, Courteous and will you represent our company the best you can? *
Will you type in-game? (Trick question) *
Availability *
Tell us more about your greatest strengths and weaknesses. Also tell us a bit more about yourself personally. *
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