Plan B: Non-binary Social Group Volunteer Facilitator
Plan ENBY is seeking local non-binary folks interested in volunteering as one of our social group facilitators.
We're looking to grow our team of two to 3 or 4 to better serve community needs and bring fresh ideas to what we're already getting up to.

We are seeking genderqueer, genderfluid, two-spirit, agender, intersex, bigender, or otherwise non-binary individuals in KW who would like to develop facilitation skills, help shape safer spaces in KW, and/or have a general interest in creating spaces for other NB folks.

If you've got an interest in leading discussion groups, coming up with fun social activities, or especially in marketing/promotion through socially conscious social media we want to hear from you!

Time commitment: 5-10 hours per month (program prep, session lead, and debrief)

- Report to Plan B Co-op core members
- Co-facilitate events
- Co-create social events, programming, and/or crafting sessions
- Creating safer, anti-oppressive, and feminist spaces
- Attend monthly debrief meetings

How to apply: fill out this form as best as you can.

Any questions? Email us!

Deadline to apply is Monday May 15, 2018.

Anonymous Trans Forum is found here:

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Once we receive your form, we will schedule an interview meeting with you at our earliest availability.

Deadline to apply is Monday May 15, 2018.

In solidarity, love & rage

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