SoFA Member Registration Form
Joining Sociocracy For All as a member or supporting member means
1. Having an orientation meeting
2. Consenting to the Aims of SoFA
3. Making an annual financial contribution.
4. Working members also make a work contribution by joining a Circle or taking on a specific role.

There are two forms to fill out. The Payment Form and this Member Registration Form.

We want to put you on the map! With your consent, we will place a marker on the town where you live on a world map. We will not put your specific address or phone number. Click on the marker and you would see a photo, a brief bio and contact information of your choice. The SoFA website will include a longer bio. The world map will also have markers for sociocratic organizations. We hope this will help everyone connect with you and with sociocracy.

Before you begin to fill out this form, please:
1. Write a 50-word bio for the world map. You can do this in 2 languages if you wish.
2. Write a 200-word bio for the website You can do this in 2 languages if you wish.
3. Know links you want to share (your own website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
4. Have a digital photo ready (with a decent resolution, landscape format 2:1 works best)
First Name *
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Street Address *
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Mobile or other phone number
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E-mail address *
This e-mail address will never be made public. If you want to have an e-mail address on your profile on the world map and SoFA website, you can specify it further below.
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If you have another e-mail address that you use with Google Drive, write it here
This e-mail address will never be made public.
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If you are a member of other sociocratic organizations, name them here.
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What should you write in these self-descriptions? These will be seen by potential clients and collaborators, and the general public. If you do not want this kind of information public or if the questions don't apply to you, then leave the questions blank.
Short description *
Write a maximum 50-word description of yourself. This will be displayed on the world map.
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Short description (second language)
If you want your maximum 50-word description in a second language, write that here.
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Long description
Optional: If you want a longer description on the SoFA website, you may include a maximum 200-word description of yourself here. If you don't provide this, we will use the short description.
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Long description (second language)
Optional: Your 200-word description in a second language.
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Public e-mail address
If you want an email address linked to your description, name it here
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If you want a website linked to your description, name it here
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If you want a Facebook page linked to your description, name it here
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If you want a LinkedIn site linked to your description, name it here
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If you want a Twitter account linked to your description, name it here
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Profile picture
The photo should have a decent resolution to and ideally be in a landscape format (2:1).
Do you object to having any of the above information about you made public on the SoFA website and map? If you do not consent to any of these, that is OK. Tell us why so we understand. *
Again, your street address and phone number will not be included on any of the public profiles.
If you did not give consent to sharing one or more of these informations, let us know why so we understand.
Please mention which pieces of information you are OK to share and which ones you aren't.
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Membership Agreements
- I understand and support the vision, mission, and aim of Sociocracy For All.
- I will be a member of at least one SoFA circle or serve in some other capacity
- I will excuse my absences from circle meetings, and will be accessible for communication.
- I understand that all content created within SoFA is to be published under a creative commons license (CC-BY-SA) for mutual benefit.
- I will pay $50 per year in membership fees and make an additional financial contribution at least once a year at membership renewal time.
Agree? *
Anything else you want to tell us?
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