Future "Full Spin" Shows
"Full Spin" is a digital drag show hosted by Majenta with a J (that's me!), where we celebrate an album from start to finish with pre-recorded videos for each track, edited together into one seamless show. If you haven't already, please check out previous shows at https://twitch.tv/majenta_with_a_j to understand the format.

Previous and currently scheduled fully-cast shows :
- Madonna "Confessions on a Dance Floor" (May 3)
- Bjork "Post" (May 31)
- Janet Jackson "Rhythm Nation 1814" (June 23)
- Lady Gaga "Chromatica" (July 7)
- Billie Eilish "When We All Fall Asleep, Where do We Go?" (July 21)
- Beyonce "4" (August 4)

To make sure I'm able to cast as many people as possible in future shows, I'm asking folks to indicate which potential albums they might be interested in. I haven't decided which albums I'll be doing next yet, so a lot of these won't make the cut, but this will help me find diverse casts and ensure great shows! I'll reach out once I've decided on what the next albums will be.

I guarantee $50 minimum pay per show, including charity shows. Exact pay details for each show will be confirmed in advance.

This is open to ALL drag artists -- everyone is welcome! Thank you!
What's your performer name? *
What's your Instagram handle? *
Which of these albums are of interest to you? *
Select as many as you want! (Not all of them will have shows, this is just a rough list of ideas)
What city do you live in/near? *
(What is your current "home city" for performing drag?)
Your digital drag video examples *
Please include a few links to some previous videos you have made for digital drag shows.
Optional: What race(s), ethnicity(ies), gender(s), or other aspects do you identify as?
This question is intended to help ensure diverse representation, particularly for marginalized groups, but this information is totally optional. Example responses could be things like: "Black AFAB drag king" or "Puerto Rican non-binary drag artist"
Thank you! (And note, this is just one of many methods I use to do outreach for casting!)
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