RECYCLED RUNWAY Team Registration: 2018
On November 15th at Saturn in Avondale, America's Thrift Stores will present RECYCLED RUNWAY, benefitting Bib & Tucker Sew-Op. RECYCLED RUNWAY is a participatory event in which teams will partner with seamstresses to up-cycle an outfit from thrift store finds. Teams will then dress and accessorize their assigned model in that outfit. A panel of judges will determine the best outfit, and the winning team will be awarded lavish prizes.

The mission of Bib & Tucker is to cultivate skills and community for those who sew or want to sew (ages 9-99) where everyone can be both a teacher and a student. The Sew-Op aims to be a hub for sewing activities that promote empowerment, education and economic opportunities through its programs such as Magic City Seams. MCS teaches sewing skills and facilitates a sewing-based cottage industry that provides income and flexible working conditions.

Bib & Tucker is a 501c3 non-profit organization, ans is funded through grants and charitable contributions.

10 teams will compete. Each team must raise $500 to compete and can have up to ten participants. Team registration fees go directly toward supporting the programs offered by Bib & Tucker.

We are excited about this event, and hope you can join us as a participant.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS: send an email to

For our sponsorship packet and more info on programs and how RECYCLED RUNWAY works, visit:

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