FCHS OLL Waitlist (only FCHS)
We understand that circumstances change rapidly during this time, and you may have decided that it was best for your student(s) to do online learning rather than face-to-face learning on the school campus. Please list all students you would like to place in online learning. By completing this form, we will change your student(s) from face-to-face instruction to an online learning platform.

Please complete one form per FCHS student.
Student Last Name: *
Student First Name: *
Student Middle Name: *
Student Phone Number:
Parent/Guardian Name:
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If a slot becomes available, please indicate if you will need an internet connection (WiFi Hotspot). Note: WiFi hotspots operate off of cell tower signals. If you do not have strong mobile phone service at your address the hotspot will not work properly. *
By giving my electronic signature below, I verify that I understand that my student's current grade(s) will transfer with him/her to Virtual Online Instruction from the classroom. Any work not complete will receive a zero. *
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