Back to School 2020 - Speaker and Parent volunteers
DATE OF EVENT: August 15th 3 - 5 p.m. Pacific

Though everyone is welcome to attend, Student Speaker and Room Parent volunteers are being requested for schools in Almaden Valley only.

All volunteers will have to attend a pre-meeting on Wednesday, August 12th. Please pick a meeting time that suits you.

Room parents will facilitate discussions on the Zoom based break out rooms that will be set up for participating schools. The idea is to generally make the new families feel welcome, answer questions about the school and neighborhood, and help them make connections with existing families. They will also be responsible for coming up with content to fill gaps in conversations.

Student speakers will introduce themselves, talk about their school (why they like it,why the new students will like it), hidden secrets and anything else that is fun about their school. About 1 -2 minutes each. Student speakers will then participate in breakout sessions with parent volunteers to answer questions from students, help them make connections and general discussions.

General coordinators can define their role and extent of involvement. Please describe below. You will be requested to assist prior to the mandatory pre-meeting date (August 12th).
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