Music:Leeds Launchpad Commission

As part of Music:Leeds’ Launchpad program, we are commissioning a brand new piece of music / sound for performance OR installation at the Leeds International Festival between Thursday 2nd May and Sunday 12th May 2019, by a new music creator based in the Leeds region.

Please see full details and criteria:

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Performer / Artist Name *
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Postcode *
The first 3 digits are fine. Music:Leeds Launchpad is open to anyone creating or performing music based in the Leeds City Region / West Yorkshire
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Please provide a link to previous representative audio work *
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Please describe the concept and inspiration of your proposed new music / sound piece *
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Please describe the performance and presentation of the new music / sound. *
How will it be performed, how will the audience interact with it? Does it involve recruiting musicians, is it an installation or something else? What kind of venue/space would you anticipate using? Please also include detail if you envisage other, existing, music being included in the performance event and any audio - visual element
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Please detail how you envisage the project budget would need to be spent *
This should include details of necessary materials, equipment, musicians and/or spaces as well as the composers' commission fee. We have a budget of £4k for the production and staging costs
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Please provide a link to some original music / sound indicative of the proposed work *
This could be a link to some draft work for the proposed piece, or an original mood piece to give an indication of the proposed style. This could be a private soundcloud link, or link to a file hosted by Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Please do not use a time-limited upload service such as WeTransfer
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