Alumni Engagement Coordinator(s): Interest Form
Fulbridge is looking for Fulbright alums to help kick off Fulbridge's alumni engagement strategy.

About alumni engagement at Fulbridge:
Fulbridge aims to keep grantees connected with one another not just during their grants, but afterwards as well, enabling ETAs and researchers to continue learning from one another. With recent website updates, the Fulbridge map can now accommodate expanded Fulbright alumni capabilities. Fulbridge plans to launch an alumni map that enables Fulbrighters to connect with former Fulbright grantees around the world and explore their professions.

Position duties include:
- Work with relevant team members to to conduct alumni engagement and outreach.
- Formulate approaches for getting alumni involved in the project, including: developing an alumni network through getting alumni pins on the Fulbridge map; generating ideas for how alumni can actively and productively engage with Fulbridge and their Fulbright experiences post-grant

Ideal candidates will be:
- Self-organized and self-directed
- Collaborative team members who enjoy working with others
- Able to think creatively about outreach strategies as well as methods for generating sustained engagement from alumni

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How would you utilize a Fulbridge alumni network? Is there a gap that needs to be filled, or needs of alumni that currently aren't being met?
What would you use a Fulbridge alumni network for, as opposed to other current Fulbright alumni resources? What specific features might you like to see? How would you utilize increased ability to connect with other alumni?
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What ideas do you have for reaching Fulbright alumni?
How might you get in touch with Fulbright alumni? What outlets would you use?
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What ideas do you have for keeping alumni engaged with Fulbridge?
If you were an alum, would you want to stay engaged with Fulbright and with other Fulbright grantees? If so, how?
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