White Supremacy in the Age of Trump with Loretta Ross -- Wednesdays, Feb 17-Mar 10, 2021
Join Professor Loretta Ross, reproductive justice champion and human rights activist on a journey to transform the Calling Out Culture into a Calling In Culture. Loretta is committed to changing our national dialogue and improving our work on human rights by inviting us to take a deep exploration into how we can most effectively impact change in our communities. She asks the hard questions: Is Calling Out culture allowing us to unite to fight the real challenges before us?

Wednesdays from 7pm - 9pm EST
Feb 17 & 24, Mar 3 & 10

Loretta is committed to making this work as accessible as possible. Classes are a recommended donation of $5 - $50 for each class or $20.00 - $200.00 total for the series. Please donate what you can so that Loretta can continue to bring her work to as many people as possible. After you fill out this form you will be sent an email inviting you to make a donation for the class.

Please register as soon as possible because this course will fill up fast!

QUESTIONS: LorosstaLLC@gmail.com

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Solidarity Groups are part of the Calling in the Calling Out Culture Experience and meet weekly. They are an opportunity to explore the material that Loretta is sharing, put her ideas into practice as well as our own relationship to Calling out and Calling in. They are focused on creating a courageous space where there is the potential to show up authentically, be vulnerable and simultaneously point ourselves towards action and accountability. Select the time that works for you. *
Yes -- I am interested in being a volunteer facilitator for a Solidarity Group! If you have experience facilitating, are interested in moving your facilitation skills further and want more time with Loretta this is a great opportunity for you. New facilitators without much experience but with a passion to learn are also welcome!
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Please complete payment after filling out this form. Unfortunately, no money orders are accepted. Classes are a recommended donation of $5 - $50 for each class or $20.00 - $200.00 total for the series. Please donate what you can. Loretta is committed to bringing her work to as many people as possible. After your payment is complete, send your confirmation number to lorosstallc@gmail.com and the class link will be given to you at that time. We will also send you an email with this information after you complete this form. *
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