Birthdays, Roasts and Toasts!
Make of the most of your occasion at my show with this special customized dedication!
- I'd love to take the time to prepare your special request and insert it into the show. I will learn special songs just for you and/or your special guest(s).
- Ideally you are using this form 3-5 days before the show to give me ample time to prepare. Special dedications CAN be requested during the show as well.
- The closer to the show that you make the special request, the trickier it can be to accommodate. On site special requests are possible but require a minimum of a $40 tip. This may even mean I'll learn a new song on a break! Please be patient! I want to make you happy!
- Whether you show up or not, I will be preparing your special request. Please submit your tip at the time you submit this form to initiate your preparation.
- Tips do not have to break the bank! But please consider how much information you may be submitting and the time I will be putting into preparing AND carving out of the show to spotlight your special guest(s).
- At the show please be patient. I will time your special requests appropriately while considering the flow of the room as well as other paid requests.
- Please keep profanities, politics and religion to a minimum. (Some venues forbid these)
- Don't forget to get your cameras out!
- Let's make a blast of it!
Your name including last initial *
WHEN are you attending my show? *
Include a date and an approximate time and please let me know when your party has arrived.
Tell me what you are celebrating!
Or WHO is celebrating...
Tell me some fun facts about the special guest(s)
Funny memories, short sentimental stories, quirky interests, etc
Who is their favorite artist or band?
Is there a special song?
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Thank you and let's have a customized blast!
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