Remote Learning - Live Sessions
We intend to start delivering some live sessions in school, in order to do this we will need to follow strict safety protocols. In order for your child to participate, we need your agreement to the following statements.
I agree that my child can access a live session, understanding that this will be done as a group, at a pre-arranged time, which will always take place during the school day, and will have two members of staff hosting the event. *
I agree to being sent joining instructions prior to each live stream which includes information for children/young people, their parents/carers and any other participants on the standards of behaviour *
I agree that the space my child works in at home will be appropriate with a blank background *
I agree that my child will join a session, turn their cameras off and keep themselves on mute until the teacher instructs otherwise. *
I agree that my child will be appropriately dressed (not in pyjamas) and ready to learn. *
I understand that the live session may be stopped at any point deemed necessary by the teacher. *
I agree to turn the camera off if other family members appear on screen. *
I agree to encourage appropriate behaviour from my child that reflects how they are expected to behave in the classroom *
I agree not to interrupt the live stream sessions if I need to speak to a teacher. I will contact the school to arrange a meeting/telephone call at an appropriate time. *
I agree to prevent my child from recording sessions or capturing screenshots as this would be done without consent of the teacher and/or others and will breach General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR 2018) *
Child Name *
Class *
Parent Name *
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