SWD 2021-22 Year Schedule Change Form
DEADLINE - Monday, August 09, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Due to limited availability, only the criteria listed will be addressed.

1. Missing course needed for graduation.
2. Enrolled in a course where the prerequisite has not been met. Example - Enrolled in Spanish II but do not have credit for Spanish I or Spanish II is scheduled 1st Semester and Spanish I is scheduled 2nd Semester.
3. Do not have a full schedule of 4 classes.
4. Interested in Acceleration and/or Advanced Placement (English, Math, Social Studies, and/or Science)
5. Duplicate course in schedule.

** We will not make any "period/semester" changes. NO EXCEPTIONS

**Please only submit one request - submitting multiple requests only delays completion due to the volume of submissions received.
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