Montgomery Quilt Walk Quilt Submission Form
After you fill out this form, we will contact you by email with more information about how we will arrange to collect your quilt (s). Please note that if you are planning on sending more than one quilt, we will need one form for each quilt in order to be able to get the correct number of spaces arranged in town and the correct information printed about each of your quilts.

If you have any questions, please contact
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I will be available during normal business hours or on a Saturday to drop my quilt off at a designated location prior to the show and to pick it up afterward. *
I acknowledge that the quilts I send will be hung outdoors. All attempts will be made to keep them clean but I understand that weather, visitors, or unforeseen circumstances could cause soiling of or damage to my quilt. *
I give permission for my quilt to be used after the Montgomery Quilt Walk in a series of small shows to be held at local nursing homes. I understand that this introduces additional risks for unforeseen events that could cause damage to my quilt. *
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