Mirror's Edge Glitchless: Rules Vote
The purpose of this vote is to determine the community's feelings on a rule clarification for Glitchless. This effort to clarify the rules was brought about because of recent discussions regarding the allowance of certain strats—specifically, Chapter 8 sniper skip, as well as clipping through poles, ladders, etc.

The purpose of this vote is not to discuss a major rule reformation, or to propose a new name for the category. Regardless of what we call it, "Glitchless" has always existed under this loose umbrella of rules. This vote is simply to clarify the rules, and to gain the community's approval (or disapproval) of the clarified rules.

Runners who have at least one verified time on speedrun.com, in any category of Mirror's Edge, will be able to vote.

After a small discussion in the Discord, these updated rules (shown below) were proposed. Text in black signifies unspoken clarifications that were already more-or-less agreed upon. Text in red signifies new specifications that could more significantly change Glitchless, in my opinion.
Current ruleset vs. Proposed ruleset
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