AIAA Student Design Competition
UW-Madison AIAA is looking to compete in the AIAA Student Design Competition. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, UW-Madison AIAA is looking for competitions that can be completed virtually, without having to manufacture or build anything.

The two categories for the competition are:

Aircraft Design: Light Attack Aircraft

Space System Design: Mars Ice Core Sample Return

Please familiarize yourself with each competition before voting for anything.
If you do not have significant interest in one or more of the competitions please do not vote.
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Do you have any technical areas of interest? If so what? (For example: Structures, Controls, Propulsion, etc.)
Do you have any non-technical areas of interest? If so what? (For example: public policy, project management, etc.)
Do you have any experience with engineering or analysis software? (For example: Matlab, Solidworks, Ansys, etc.)
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