NMUN•New York 2020 Registration Form
This registration form is for NMUN-New York 2020. Please see NMUN website for conference dates: https://www.nmun.org/conferences/new-york.html

The conference takes place April 5th - 9th (Week B) in New York. If you are interested in attending this conference, please plan accordingly. Letters can be provided for class exemption and to help apply for travel visas.

The exact delegate fee has not yet been determined, but it will be around $750 - $900 CAD without the cost of transportation and only for the duration of the conference (April 5th - 9th) so the price is based on accommodation for 5 nights. You will have to determine your own transportation, depending on if you want to stay for longer, but we will help you find flight bookings! Please do not book flights until after we reach out to you with an acceptance and we confirm flight times together. Financial Aid is available for those who may need it through faculty funding, with more information on that found on our website https://ubcmunsa.ca/munsa-documents/ under 'MUN Faculty Funding Guides'
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These are located on your MUNSA Membership Card. If you do not have one, please email us at academicexternal.munsa@gmail.com.
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Note: Committee preferences are not guaranteed. Committees and committee topics can be found on the NMUN website: https://www.nmun.org/conferences/new-york/register-and-plan-your-trip/academic-tools/committees-and-topics.html
Would you rather be a double delegate (pair up with someone else to represent the same country in the same committee) or represent a country by yourself? *
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Some international students will require a travel visa to visit the US. If you are unsure if you need one, please email logistics.munsa@gmail.com
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