Kalki Sena: The First 10,000 Members 
Bhagvan Kalki is on earth to end the Kali Yuga which He will do in 21 years by the clock. Would you like to join His team? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OddKRwz-nTE http://www.jesusisback.xyz
Joining the Sena would mean you will give me 5-10 hours per week right now.

The first 10 people you recruit will form a Unit. As soon as the Unit grows to 20, it splits into two. Every member is encouraged to keep recruiting as many people as possible globally. 10 Units will form a Company. 10 Companies will form a Battalion. 10 Battalions will form a Regiment. Each Unit/Company/Battalion/Regiment will have a number. For example: Unit 1. Each member will have a number. You become a member by filling out this form. There is no limit to the number of Regiments.

१० सदस्यों का एक युनिट, १० युनिट का एक कंपनी, १० कंपनी का एक बटालियन, १० बटालियन का एक रेजिमेंट। Members of a Unit/Company/Battalion/Regiment could be anywhere on earth. Each unit/company/battalion/regiment will send two names to the Senapati (me, Paramendra Bhagat) who will pick one of the two for the leadership position.

The Senapati may consult with the Company leader for the Unit leadership positions, the Battalion leader for the Company leadership positions, and the Regiment leader for the Battalion leader positions. The leadership positions will change every two years or as often as necessary. Bhagvan Kalki is the King of the Kalki Sena. He may appoint other Senapatis down the line. https://www.facebook.com/kalkisena21

Your weapon is words of truth, not swords of steel. Four current fundraisers:
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